• Between 1450 to 1900, there were 11.3 million slaves in the world. Today, with 21 million slaves, there are more slaves in the world than at any other time in human history.
  • 4.3 million children are enslaved
  • 24.7% of slaves today are children under 18 years
  • In 1850, a slave in the US cost $40,000. Today it costs $90
  • Slave labour generates $150 billion a year

The problem is far greater today than we can ever imagine...


Slavery today is at an all-time high with the worst sufferers in this trade being children. Forced to work for upto 18 hours a day, these children are sold at prices less than even that of cattle. The End Child Slavery Week (ECSW) is determined to change this by bringing together global citizens, trade unions, teachers unions, child rights organisations and each one of us to stand up against child slavery.

The possibilities today are many. Whether it is through securing global partnerships or organising a march in the neighbourhood, through online petitions or candle-light vigils, the answer lies in shouldering the responsibility for these children. For one week every year, ECSW will remind us that millions continue to be forced into slavery and that WE have the power to CHANGE it all.

ECSW 2017

The 4th ECSW will run from Tuesday, December 5th to Monday, December 11th.



Slavery Risk

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